Lyra: 41 LB Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body
Lyra: 41 LB Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body

Lyra: 41 LB Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body

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Lyra: 41 LB Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body

Lyra: 41 LB Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body

Product description
Shipping Policy
Admiring Full Bosoms
Her ample bosom exudes allure and confidence, like ripe fruit inviting admiration with every curve. It's a mesmerizing symphony of grace, captivating all who behold it.
Beat the butt like a musical instrument
Feel the exhilarating thrill of spanking, blending pleasure with playfulness in an electrifying dance. Each swat ignites excitement, fostering intimacy and adding a spark to every encounter.
Customizable Poses
Featuring a sturdy, adjustable metal frame, Lyra offers endless possibilities to let your passion flow. From voluptuous curves to dynamic poses, Lyra ensures every moment is tailored to your desires.
Exploring Thrilling Sensations
The dual-channel design provides heightened pleasure and novelty. It's an immersive exploration through tailored pathways, promising to awaken the senses with delightful surprises.                                                                    
Net Weight
41lbs / 18.60kg
Doll Height
31.89inch / 81cm
Shoulder Width
11.5inch / 29.21cm
Chest Circumference
29.52inch / 74.98cm
Waist Circumference
15.55inch / 39.50cm
Hip Circumferencet
31.89inch / 81cm
Leg Circumference
17.91inch / 45.49cm
Leg Length
10.63inch / 27cm
Vaginal Length
6.69inch / 16.99cm
Anal Length
6.29inch / 15.98cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Received Lyra yesterday and after much anticipation, got to unpack her and test her out.

As I eagerly opened the box and removed the molded styrofoam packaging, it was glorious to see her finally in my home. I was blown away at how much 41 pounds actually weighs when you’re holding her in your arms. She was cold to to the touch even after being in the house for several hours. It was not an issue as the night progressed. I tried multiple positions including missionary, doggy, her on top, and reverse cowgirl. Her weight on top of me while I thrusted into her was my personal favorite and when she sat up vertically, the depth changed and was mind blowing. The love tunnel felt incredible in every position and each position felt uniquely different. The gel breasts and butt are super lifelike and made spanking a very fun experience. The breasts are super soft and sucking on the nipples feels decently close to the real thing. I am over the moon pleased with Lyra and cannot wait for round two!

As a married man for over 20 years, my wife and I have shared a lot of fantasies and experiences and are very open to exploring new ideas. Last night wasn’t just my first time with a full size torso, it was my first simulated threesome experience and it was incredible. My wife picked out some amazing light pink Valentine’s Day panties for her (size small fits perfectly btw) and she prepared her in our bed for me. Having her be a part of the experience from buying to welcoming her into the bedroom is super sexy. She was very excited to feel her and spent time getting acquainted with her body, breasts, and love tunnel. She said that she totally get the appeal breasts have over men and spent time with her hand exploring inside Lyra’s panties before she turned her over to me for the evening. If you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth it or not…. It is. It’s absolutely worth it.

really satisfied

I did some research into the authenticity before making my purchase as the price was close to half of what I was seeing in local shops and online. There were less expensive versions online as well that didn’t seem authentic at all. Lyra was right in my budget and she’s a 1:1 doll, that was a major purchasing factor for me. Lyra is my first torso doll and she’s fantastic. The upgrades are very welcome additions and she’s a lot of fun to play with! I was unsure whether I wanted to longer movable legs that are found on some of the other dolls, but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything with Lyra. My wife and I have welcomed her into our bedroom for new exploratory play and we’re both enjoying her. It was hard to find clothing sizes online anywhere, but we’ve found that size small (US) panties fit perfectly. Still experimenting with bra sizing. The buying process was super easy and secure. The shipping was discreet and very quick. The communication with ppunson from the confirmation of my purchase to ensuring that she arrived safely at my home was friendly, professional, and helpful through the entire process. I would absolutely recommend ppunson and would definitely shop here again!

Easy to use

It complies 100% with its pleasant aspects, qualities and capabilities, producing multiple electrifying experiences when you cum.

Jack Quinn. F
41LBS Doll (Very Impressive)

This thing is pretty heavy making it a little awkward to clean and store. But if you can get around that it’s a great affordable doll. Its possibility is nice as well as the other features (if you know what I mean) quality is overall nice. I was debating on buying the 64LBS one but glad I settled for this one instead.

Cleaning it… I would just get gentle hand soap and water and use your fingers to scrub the inner wall of the toy, user the drying stick as well as some durable napkins to stick inside to try a lot quicker.

NOTE: When rinsing the product with water the exterior will begin to feel sticky. To fix it apply baby powder or even corn starch to give the prior texture back to the toy.

Envy Saronis
Good Product

Definitely as good as expected, certainly not a let down and while it is expensive, the quality is worth the investment.

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