1.What material are torso dolls made of?

Our torso dolls are made out of high quality TPE material, it's super soft but tough enough to keep the perfect shape. You can feel this big butt love dolls so stretchy that can be rubbed at will, enjoy the pleasure with this sexy real dolls anal sex toy at any position you like!


2.How should I clean and maintain a torso doll?

When cleaning a torso doll, use mild soap and water. Additionally, regularly use specialized powder to maintain the smooth texture.


3.What is the weight of a torso doll?

The weight of each torso doll varies depending on the model and material, generally ranging from 20 to 60 pounds. For detailed weight information, please refer to the product page.


4.Are there different sizes of torso dolls available?

Yes, we offer torso dolls in different sizes and body shapes to meet various customer preferences and needs.


5.Do torso dolls have movable joints?

Our dolls feature an integrated metal frame and flexible joints, enabling them to maintain an upright posture with enhanced flexibility for a variety of positions. It's important to note that when the sex doll is not in use, it's recommended to keep her legs together to prevent any damage to the jointed skin.

The doll's torso is designed with a voluptuous figure, including a generous buttocks, full breasts, and a seductive slim waist. Owning one allows you to explore at least three positions: the classic missionary style, a unique experience with the breasts, and the popular doggy style. Beyond these three classics, there are numerous creative ways to engage and play with them.

6.How should I store and transport a torso doll?

To ensure the maintenance of a torso doll, store it in a dry, cool place and use a dedicated bag or box for storage. When transporting, be mindful to avoid friction and compression.