1.What ls Sex Doll Torso?

The sex doll torso is a very light mini sex doll. Usually, its weight is 5kg to 30kg. These sex doll torsos are made of TPE or silicone. Of course, they are all very safe materials.

Similarly, a torso sex doll is to solves the needs of sex. It has very realistic genitals and breasts. Some sex torso also has sex doll heads. So people often use it for vaginal sex, anal sex, breast sex, and oral sex. And the internal structure of these torso is very real. The internal passage has vivid folds. When the penis enters the vagina or anus, you can feel a real stimulus. Finally enjoy the ultimate sex pleasure.

In addition, there is also a male torso sexdoll. This is mainly a type of female masturbation. Usually, this torso has a very realistic dildo. And the dildo is very thick and big. When the woman sits on the torso, this lifelike erection dildo penetrates the vagina. Fill the vagina, and then the female swings her ass. With the escalation of stimulation, finally, enjoy a kind of riding sexual pleasure.


2.Why should You Buy a Sex Doll Torso?

Are you kneading your genitals in order to experience a sexual orgasm? You know it’s not good for the genitals. But you cannot release sexual desire. Why not buy a sex torso? In fact, there are many reasons why you invest in a sex doll torso.

Make love anytime, anywhere

There is no doubt that the sex doll torso is another great hands-free sex product after pocket pussy. Our sex torso has many weights and sizes. The smallest sex torso is only 1.75kg. The largest one reaches 30kg, which is a 1:1 life size. Generally, sex torso dolls within 10kg are the most popular. It is very lifelike. And has realistic genitals. And it is the best sex tool. Of course, it is lighter. Easy to move and carry. Many people put it in their suitcases and have sex with it on the go.

Experience real sex

Have you fantasized about sex many times since you were an adult? But you still haven’t enjoyed realistic sex. However, you can experience very real sex by buying a sex doll torso. Someone may praise pocket pussy and huge dildo. However, that can only stimulate the genitals. Everyone knows that sex is not just a genital stimulation, but a visual feast. In other words, you cannot experience real sex scenes. A real doll torso can bring you lifelike anal sex, pussy sex, breast sex, or riding sex.

Exercise your sexual endurance

Long-term masturbation by hands is harmful to the body. But enjoying a full range of sexual stimulation can improve personal sexual endurance. And it is good for physical and mental health. In other words, using pocket pussy, realistic dildo, and sex torso can train your sex ability. In real sex, you can train your penis.

Lifelike sex hole

Sex with the torso is like having sex with a real woman. Because the torso has a very realistic pussy and anal hole. Torso has no real head, arms, or legs. But the other parts are very realistic. Moreover, now many sex doll torso have designed their heads. But the price is more expensive.

Learn more sex positions

Do you want to try the sex positions you have learned? However, you have never had a suitable sex partner. You are very troubled at this time. In fact, it is not necessary at all. You can buy a sex doll torso with very little cost. Then you practice the sex positions you want to try.

In fact, by buying a big torso, you can enjoy more sexual pleasure. Very little investment, change your sex life.


3.What Types Of Torso Sex Doll Are There?

The type of Torso sex doll is generally not based on size or weight. According to the users, there are three types in total:

Male torso sex toy

This is a female sex toy. This kind of sex torso generally has a very realistic male half body. And there are lifelike big cocks. This torso with dildo is the most popular female masturbation toy. Because women like riding sex. But it is difficult to find a penis that is as solid as a rock. However, this torso dildo has a very powerful base. Women can sit on it. Swinging sexy ass. Enjoy very good riding sex.

Male masturbator torso

This is a male sex toy. Similar to pocket pussy, but with more functions. The volume and weight are relatively large. Mainly realistic female half body. Usually, there are lifelike breasts, vaginas, anus, etc. Similarly, this is one of the most popular male masturbation toys. Because this kind of sex torso is cheap. easy to carry. Easy to clean. Therefore, this torso sex doll is the best for male masturbation.

Shemale sex torso

This is a sex toy for ladyboy sex. Some people may want to experience the feeling of Thai ladyboys having sex. But a trip to Thailand will take time and money. Therefore, this kind of shemale sex torso appeared on the market. She has sexy breasts and a long thick cock.


4.Does Sex With Sex Doll Torso Feel Real?

There is no doubt that that feeling is absolutely real. Having sex with a love doll torso is an amazing way of sex. In fact, many men like this way of sex.

First, talk about the feeling of touching and kissing a love doll torso. Now, TPE and silicone have changed sex dolls. These two materials make the sex torso feel the same as real skin. You can kiss this sexy torso body.

Secondly, enjoy real pussy sex. Love doll torso has a very realistic vagina shape. And the internal structure of the vagina completely mimics the female vagina. In other words, when your penis is inserted, you will feel resistance. This is true sex.

Also, tight anal sex. Usually, the love doll torso has two independent channels. The anal hole is also very realistic. After applying the proper amount of lubricating oil to your penis, you can easily slide it in.

Finally, breast sex is also good. Soft breasts wrap your penis. Then you are like insert into the breast of a real woman. That feeling is very strong. It’s also very real.


5.Can Torso Masturbator Train Sex Endurance?

Sure. If you use your hands for a long time to solve sex needs, it is not good for the penis. But if you use a torso masturbator, you don’t have to worry about this problem. Because this is a completely realistic sex scene. For you, this is an increase in sexual endurance. However, you should use it regularly. I mean you can’t use it too often.


6.How to choose the best sex doll torso?

Many people cannot release sex. Some people are not good at communicating. Some people suffer from anxiety disorders. Therefore, it is not easy to find the right sex partner. Now there is a chance to break through this trouble. Buy one of the best torso sexdoll. But before buying a sex torso, you should know a few things.


Sexdoll torso is not actually a cheap sex toy. A very realistic full-size sex doll torso may cost $1,000. Of course, there is many cheap sex torso on the market. But maybe it’s cheap and the sex experience is not good. But not absolute.

Therefore, if you have a small budget, you can buy a cheap sex torso. It may cost as little as $100. You can also experience pretty good sex. Or you want to spend less. Then try pocket pussy. No matter what, you like to have a sex torso that is easy to carry. PPUNSON.com’s main business is exactly this.


The mainstream materials on the market are TPE and silicone. Both of these are very good. TPE is more flexible. And it feels more comfortable to the touch. cheap price. But silicone is more expensive.

In any case, PPUNSON.com has very high-quality materials. All of them have passed strict CE and other certifications. The materials are friendly to the human body.

3.Dimensions and weight

Before buying torso sexdoll, you should pay attention to size and weight. Because that determines what kind of sexual experience you will enjoy. Sex torso of different sizes and weights will have different characteristics. For example, the larger size and weight of the torso are more suitable for riding sex. But it is not very convenient to move and carry. Mini sex doll torso is cheap. easy to carry.

4.Verify the supplier

There are various sexdoll torso suppliers on the market. Some dishonest suppliers may deceive buyers. So you need to verify carefully. PPUNSON.com supports the PayPal buyer protection policy. And there is a very detailed return and exchange policy.